West of England Dance Festival Rules

Entry is deemed to be an acceptance of these rules

1. West of England Dance Festival is for amateur performers only and not for any dancers who receive full time vocational dance training.

2. The Festival does not accept liability for the infringement of copyright, recording or performing rights arising out of any competitor’s accompaniment, choreography or performance. It contributes to a Group Licence to cover payment of fees for the use of recorded music at its events. Teachers and choreographers using music created from commercial recordings are advised that they are responsible for seeking permission to re-record from the recording companies concerned.

3. The Festival is not covered by the blanket copyright agreement in respect of music/songs from shows and as a result teachers/performers need to obtain their own licence for such items from Phonographic Performance Ltd. Teachers should first ring Sarah Burgess 0780 188 3334with any queries on this matter.

4. The committee reserves the right to refuse entry without assigning a reason.

5. Our age limits are 4-18 years and entry age is taken as of age at 1st September 2021. Accuracy of dates of birth on entry forms is essential.

6. Duets, trios, quartets and groups should be entered under the oldest competitor.

7. Competitors are not allowed to compete more than once in any solo class. Competitors may enter twice in duet, trio & quartets but cannot dance with the same dance partner in the same genre more than once.

8. Entries will close on 31 December 2021 or once capacity is reached; whichever is sooner. Entry fees are non-refundable.

9. The Adjudicator’s decision is final and he or she must not be approached during the festival. Any comments must be made in writing to the festival committee.

10. Timings for each performance must not exceed those stated on the syllabus.

11. Competitors in all classes up to and including the age of 11 are permitted to re-start a dance once.

12. Programme times are approximate, and we reserve the right to commence any class up to 30 minutes earlier

13. All classes, regardless of the number of competitors, will qualify for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

14. We reserve the right in solo classes to split large entries of classes and also combine entries when numbers are small.

15. We reserve the right to combine Duets, Trios & Quartets into Junior, Intermediate and Seniors if entries are low.

16. CD’s must be clearly marked with the dancers name and style i.e. tap, ballet. You will be advised where to put these on the day and they must be in the tray at least 30 minutes before the class starts. We suggest competitors always have back up music available.

17. Vocals are not allowed on accompaniment for song & dance.

18. No pointe work is permitted under the age of 13 years.

19. Gymnastic dance is permitted provided it is combined with dance technique.

20. Tap, fixed tap (single sound) only may be used.

21. The supervision of children in changing room areas is the responsibility of parents, guardians, teachers and we ask that all rooms are kept clean and tidy with rubbish disposed of in bins provided.

22. The stage and stage wings are out of bounds to anyone not performing, except for anyone putting props onto the stage or a parent/teacher for children under 8 years of age.

23. Competitors enter the wings and stage from stage right and exit stage left.

24. On no account must there be any photography, audio or video recordings of any kind on any device during performances. If the committee see this happening, you may be asked to leave the auditorium. However, we may ask for permission to photograph for our social media and website.

24. Trophies and cups will be awarded by the adjudicator to chosen dancers and will be held by the dancer for 12 months. These remain the property of West of England Dance Festival.

26. Please adhere to all notices around the venue at all times.